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Data Interpretation - Logical Reasoning

Data Interpretation tests the analytical skills of interpreting the data given to you in the form of Table, chart, graph or any other format. While Logical seasoning consists of aptitude questions which require a logical level of analysis

Data Interpretation

Expected Qs
Problem Set-1: Tables & Charts
Comparison of Data of various years, ages etc.
Problem Set-2: Graph, Bar diagram
Data Analysis, comparison of various years, classes, groups etc.
Problem Set-3: Tables, Pie chart
Decoding and finding out the data of missing period, taking clues, interpreting the missing links
Problem Set-4: Graphs, Charts
Making analysis of data and coming to conclusion, making future projections

Total 16 Qs

12 MCQs with 1/3rd Negative marking
4 Non-MCQ with no negative marking

Key topics are as follows:

  1. Data Tables

     2. Data Charts

     3. Bar diagrams

     4. Pie Charts

     5. Graphs

     6. Data Analysis and Comparison

    7. Caselet DI type Questions

Logical Reasoning

Expected Qs
Problem Set-1: Arrangements/Rankings/Team Formation
Seating arrangement, Ranks, different type of team formation. Lot of conditions placed to confuse you to put the logical sequence
Problem Set-2: Quantitative Reasoning/Puzzles
Based on Arithmetic, Geometrical data, various puzzles on words, letters, arrangements, seating etc.
Problem Set-3: Syllogisms/Logical Deduction
Questions based on statements, arguments
Problem Set-4: Venn Diagrams/Binary Logic
Questions on set theory, network diagrams are included – difficult and need more practice

Total 16 Qs

12 MCQs with 1/3rd Negative marking
4 Non-MCQ with no negative marking

Key topics are as follows:

     1. Rankings

     2. Team Formation

     3. Seating Arrangements

     4. Matching Puzzles

     5. Constraint based arrangements

     6. Syllogism

     7. Proposition based followed by either deductive or inductive argument

     8. Assumptions

     9. Statements

    10. Set Theory

    11. Binary Logic

    12. Venn Diagrams

    13. Clocks and Calendars

    14. Blood Relations

    15. Direction Sense

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