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Quantitative Ability

This section tests your mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills

Quantitative Ability:

34 Q | 1 Hr.

Expected Qs
Key Features
MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 2-3 Non MCQ
Number System, PnC
MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking
MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1-2 Non-MCQ
MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 2-3 Non MCQ
Modern Math
MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1-2 Non-MCQ

Total 34 Qs

24-27 MCQs with 1/3rd negative marking
7-10 Non-MCQs without Negative marking

Key topics are as follows:

  1. Arithmetic: Averages | Mean, Median, Mode | Percentages | Ratio & Proportion | Simple and Compound Interest | Profit and Loss | Mixtures and Allegations | Time and Work | Time Speed and Distance
  2. Number System: Basics of Numbers | Properties of Numbers | Divisibility Rules | Divisibility and Factors | Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple | Finding Out the Last Digit | Finding Out Last Two Digits | Number of trailing zeroes | Finding out Remainders based on (Basic divisibility rules, Binomial Theorem, Simplifying the Dividend – Single and/or Multiple Divisors, Fermat’s Theorem, Euler’s Theorem, Pattern Recognition and cyclicity of remainders, Wilson’s Theorem | Base Systems (Conversion of Bases, Addition / subtraction / multiplication in different bases)
  3. Algebra: Basic Algebraic formulae | Linear equations (Problems on Ages, No. of integer solutions) | Quadratic Equations (Finding out roots, Maxima and Minima) | Higher degree equations (Descartes rule of signs) | Inequalities | Logarithms | Functions (Modifications of Graphs, smallest value in a maximum function)
  4. Geometry: Lines and Angles | Triangles – Basic Concepts (Area, Angles, Similar Triangles) | Polygons | Circles | Solids / Mensuration – 3D Geometry | Coordinate Geometry | Trigonometry
  5. Modern Math: Sequence and Series | Binomial Theorem | Set Theory | Permutation and Combination | Probability

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