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Smart ways to prepare for CAT in 4 months in 2020

LogicalOne | A mentoring portal for CAT students by IIM Alumni

“It’s not that we have little time, but more that we waste a good deal of it”, said a Roman philosopher, Seneca. Now that the date for CAT has been released, which is, 29th November, 20 and there are less than 4 months left and if you’re someone who has just decided to give CAT, then don’t lose your heart. Here we are with smart ways to prepare for CAT in 4 months in 2020. We have seen ample incidents where people prepare for CAT in 3-4 months and get good percentile. This time IIM, Indore is preparing the questionnaire for the same and the forms will be out on 5th August 2020 and the registration will be closed on 16th September 2020. There will be two-time slots, morning and of the evening. The morning session will be from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and the afternoon session will be from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Registration fees are Rs 2000.

Smart ways to prepare for CAT in 4 months in 2020

Quantative aptitude syllabus

Data Interpretation & LR syllabus

Verbal reasoning syllabus

Number system


Fill in the blanks

Profit, loss & discount


English usage or grammar


Bar graphs

Close passage

Speed, time & distance

Line graphs

Vocabulary based


Column graphs

Jumbled para

Time & work

Venn diagrams

Summary ques.

Ratio & Proportion

Other basic reasoning ques.

Sentence correction


Pie chart

Verbal reasoning

Quadratic & Liner equations


Meaning- usage match

Complex Number


Reading comprehensive

Simple & Compound Int.

Number & letter series

Analogies or reverse analogies



Facts- Interferences- judgments

Sequences & series

Seating arrangements



Binary logic



Logical matching


Surds & Indices

Logical sequence


Set theory & function



Permutation & Combination

Logical connectives


Mixtures & Allegations

Blood relations





Co-ordinate geometry









You can visit and the related sectional links to know more. 

Here are smart ways to prepare for CAT in 4 months in 2020, step by step

LogicalOne | A mentoring portal for CAT students by IIM Alumni

Here are few testimonies from the students who have prepared for the CAT in 4 months or less time and see what they have to say…

Some things you should know before giving CAT 2020

1. Sectional cut-offs

A lot of people focus on getting a good percentile in their strong section but end up getting poor percentile in other sections scoring below sectional cut-offs. Thus, reducing their chances of getting a call from IIMs. To get a call from IIMs, you should target to score well in all the sections. That’s the key to success and for that to happen, you must give preparation focus to each section.

2. Questions would be more of application-based

If you think learning formula is just enough to get the good percentile, then my friend, you are highly mistaken. The CAT tests are based on more of what you understand than what you can memorize. And application based exams not only test what you can remember but also how much you understand about the concepts in general.

3.Use your time wisely

Okay, so this happens with a lot of people that they get stuck with one question and end up giving more time to it than required, thus, wasting a lot of time, effort, and energy. So, use these things very wisely and if you see your-self stuck with one question for more than 5-6 minutes, then just mark it, leave it and move on with another.

4. Accuracy plays a very vital role

A lot of people solve more questions but end up getting lower percentile so its also very important that whatever question you solve, it must be correct because of every correct answer you get +3, and for every wrong answer you get -1, with a few non-MCQs offering zero negative marking. Use the rule of quality over quantity here. That’s important.

5. Time management is everything

Time management is very important as you get only 3 hours to complete your exam and 1 hour is being allotted to each section, which means you will be forcibly shifted to another section even if you have not finished completing one section in 1 hour. So, that’s where time management becomes important so make sure that you don’t take this lightly during your preparations. 

We guess that’s all for now. We’ll keep updating this list. So, watch this space! We’d just end this by saying – Don’t panic because there is just 4 months left cause a lot can be done in 4 months. We wish you All The Best for your future endeavours!