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Some things you should know before giving CAT 2020

things you should know before giving CAT 2020

Some things you should know before giving CAT 2020

As we all are aware CAT exam dates are already here. 27th November 2020 will be the date when many of the students will enroll for their dream college. If you are one of those, here we have listed some things you should know before giving CAT 2020 and they are as follows

1. Sectional cut-offs

A lot of people focus on getting good percentile in their strong section but end up getting poor percentile in other sections. Thus, reducing their chances of getting a call from IIM. To get a call from IIM, you must score well in all the sections. That’s the key to success and for that to happen, you must give time to each section.

2. Questions would be more of application-based

If you think learning formula is just enough to get the good percentile, then my friend, you are highly mistaken. The CAT tests are based on more of what you understand than what you can memorize. And application based exams not only test what you can remember but also how much you understand about the concept in general.

3. Use your time wisely

Okay, so this happens with a lot of people that they get stuck with one question and end up giving more time to it than required, thus, wasting a lot of time, effort and energy. So, use these things very wisely and if you see your self stuck with one question for more than 5 minutes, then just leave it and move on with another. Time management is very important as you get only 3 hours to complete your exam and 1 hour is being allotted to each section, which means you can not shift to another section even if you have finished completing one section before 1 hour. So, that’s where time management becomes important so make sure that you don’t take this lightly during your preparations

4. Accuracy plays a very vital role

A lot of people solve more questions but end up getting lower percentile so its also very important that whatever question you solve, it must be correct because of everyone correct answer you get +3 and for every wrong answer you get -1. Use the rule of quality over quantity here. That’s important.

5. Avoid getting panicked

As much as we are aware that it’s easier said than done but there is always a moment when you see any question and know that you might know the answer of, so, just when you know that you have seen that question, avoid trying to solve it at that time and move ahead with another question, solve 3-4 more questions because by that time you must have gained enough confidence to try the question you are not sure about answering it correctly. And there is one more benefit of doing it, that is, it even when you’ll not be able to solve it correctly, it will not completely shatter your confidence and helps you keep calm the whole time.

6. Do not get distracted

Okay, this is a small and silly mistake but very often people end up wasting some crucial time while doing this. So, here we felt the need to address this thing in: Some things you should know before giving CAT 2020. A lot of people focus more on other’s paper rather than their own and constantly try to match their answers with others which not only wastes a lot of time but can also result in the lower percentile. For example, consider this situation that the option you have selected is correct while other person’s answer is incorrect so when you try to match your answer with their answer, not only you’ll waste some crucial time but also it will badly affect your percentile in general. So, do not commit this mistake and make sure you’re only focused on your answer sheet.

7. Mock tests are very important

We can’t underestimate how important mock tests are for your percentile to improve. These not only provide students with the exam like atmosphere but also helps them to understand the common mistakes they make while giving an exam. It also helps students to analyse where they could go wrong while giving actual exam and if done on regular basis, boosts the confidence of students as they’ll feel more prepared and would be able to solve question in less time.

8. Leave some time for revision

It’s extremely important for candidates to have some time for revising the whole paper, so, when you get 60 minutes for each section, make sure that you have enough time left in those 60 minutes that you not only do the whole section but also revise it.

9. Come prepared in the exam hall

No, we are not just talking about the importance of knowing everything related to the exam in your examination hall but also to not forget the various things like carrying everything you need for the exam like some stationery which includes, scale, pencil, eraser, pens, etc and also to be in the examination hall on or before your reporting time cause if once the gate closes, there is no way you can enter the examination hall and all your preparations that you must have done until now will go in vain.

10. Taking care of your physical as well as mental health

Last but not the least in Some things you should know before giving CAT 2020, A lot of times we are so invested while preparing for any competitive exam that we forget how important it is to take care of your physical as well as mental health. We often underestimate the need to be healthy while preparing for any exam, it doesn’t only reflect externally but is also very dangerous for you to function nicely, internally. There have also been cases where it was observed how people who have been preparing for CAT for months and years could not give their exam because of deteriorating health conditions. So, be wise and take care of your health as well.

things you should know before giving CAT 2020

The list is endless as there will always be more to add in Some things you should know before giving CAT 2020 and as there will be more to it, we will keep updating this. So, watch this space. But as of now, we have listed all the important things we thought you should know before giving your CAT exam. As we came to the end of this, we want to add one more thing, there will always be situation life when you’ll feel stuck but don’t ever underestimate the importance of keep moving ahead. We wish you All The Best for your future endeavours!

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