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The worst advice you have heard for CAT 2020

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The worst advice you have heard for CAT 2020!

Oh! MBA aspirant? Well, congratulations! Lots of worst advise you must have heard for CAT 2020 already. Being someone who belongs from commerce background, I can understand how hard it can get when people just keep misleading you and think that CAT is all you can prepare for if you had commerce.

Well, here are some of the worst advises you have heard for CAT 2020

1. Marks are everything

Anyone saying this to you needs to research about how people who had 92 percentile got admission in IIM, Ahmedabad and students who scored 96-97 percentile couldn’t make it to ABCs of IIM. Also, their eligibility criteria are just 50% in graduation degree. Linking the IIM, Ahmedabad’s website for the reference.

2. No importance is given to extracurricular activities

If you ever got this advice while preparing for CAT and you’re still sitting in the room with that person, the first thing you should be doing is to leave the room. If your aim is to crack good B-schools, never underestimate the importance of Extra-curricular activities. While your marks may help you to get in the room, your personality and other things that you did in your graduation and schooling years are what is going to help you to seal the deal. This is, in fact, one of the most important things in the interview.

3. Only commerce students can give CAT exams

Well, its 2020 and we have internet connection to tell you how wrong this statement is. In fact, major B-schools are now looking for diverse students in their campus. By diversity, we don’t only mean diversity in culture and region but also in gender, different educational background and experience. Because a) It helps the student to learn about teamwork and b) When you connect with people who don’t belong from the same background as yours, you learn something new. And that is really important for businesses to grow. After all, business needs to work in dynamic situations. (You read that in your Business studies book, haven’t you?)

Next in our list of the worst advises you have heard for CAT 2020, is

4. Preparing for Interview is not a very big deal

Well, It is. No matter how good you performed in your school or in your college or how good your CAT percentile was, if you fail to produce results during Interview, your dream of getting into your favourite B-school would be shattered. And that is the last thing you would want, right? So, we would suggest you invest good time while preparing for Interview as well. As it would be the last thing to be left to be done and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned for it, right?

5. Luck is all you need to crack CAT

Honestly, we won’t really deny the existence of little luck while giving the competitive exams but it is all that you need to excel is what is completely wrong. Your luck might help you solve 3 or 4 questions but your practice will make you get the percentile required to excel the exam. A continuous practice for 6-7 hours daily will help you and solving lots and lots of practice papers. In fact, when a month is left for the exam, practice paper is all that you are supposed to solve.

6. Learning formulas is equal to knowing concepts

A lot of people learn formulas and think that they understood the concept. No, to understand the concept you have to invest proper time while learning it. Not that it will help you to understand things in a better way but also it will help you to gain the confidence required while giving an exam and reduces the time of doing a particular question, which is very important when doing competitive exams.

7. Avoid silly mistakes

If you would have known that this is going to be the silly mistake then you would have obviously avoided it. While considering the fact that silly mistakes can happen when you know you have a limited amount of time, the fact that it reduces the possibility of getting a good percentile can not be avoided. And the only way you can overcome this problem is by having a detailed eye for every answer that you attempt and solving lots of practice papers.

Last but not the least in our list of The worst advises you have heard for CAT 2020, is

8. You have to ace in every area

While saying this is obviously very easy, it is not practically possible. One can not ace in all the areas that are, Quant, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Verbal. But its good to know where your USP lies. For example, if you’re good in Verbal then try to get all the answers correct in that particular area. It enhances your chances of getting a good percentile.

Well, that’s all as of now. We know that there is no end of worst advises you have heard for CAT 2020 while preparing for it. And just in case you ever find yourself getting frustrated or mentally exhausted while doing it, all that we want to say is- Hang in there!

We’re sure you’ll get through this. Till then, we wish you All the Best for your exam!